Got cheated by Workout Anytime one too many times and decided to take out the fight.Kept track of all documents they sent, ask them to send emails otherwise they say but will not send you snail mail.

After a few times of them saying I never cancelled and threatening to take me to collections I decided to fight this corrupt company. I say there needs to be a class action against them.

I decided to file a complaint with the State consumer protection then with the BBB.

Check out the how you need to fight Workout Anytime via the BBB link


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Canceled membership last year and still being hounded by new owners and ABC billing company.They could not pull up my membership due to computers being down at the club and never called me back as they said they would.

Now want to charge me late fees and other trumped up charges.Will be contacting better business bureau and class action suit site.


This gym has a policy that you have to send in a certified letter or come to the gym in person in order to cancel.Why is this so hard for these idiots to understand???

They have always been fair to me.I own a business myself and I hate to see another company get "bad mouthed" by morons...


Lol it's 15.00/month with no contracts.I've never heard of anyone having a problem here.

Even if you did, it can't be for more than 30 bucks.lol

to Mike Augusta, Georgia, United States #1283895

"Rate Guarantee Fee*: The Rate Guarantee Fee of $29.00 is assessed to all members with a monthly draft agreement and will be billed 60 days from the agreement date and annually on the same date thereafter." --Be aware of this in the contract.No line is given for initialing it electronically even though for the terms above & below it, you'll be asked to initial your agreement.

Instead I was told that a "rate guarantee fee" on Feb 28, 2017 would be assessed when I signed up on Dec 28, so I thought, good idea & agreed to it, but it isn't a good idea because IMO it is a membership fee, & I would not agree to pay an annual membership fee when I'm only trying it out month to month, so thinking it was a sensible RGF to lock in $15 monthly (& of course I thought $15 monthly forever by paying a one-time fee, woo hoo, bc the fact of the fee being annual wasn't spoken), & tripping along on that fantasy, I reasoned wrongly that if I did decide to quit before the end of Feb that I wouldn't be charged the rate guarantee fee bc what would a guarantee matter to me? It wouldn't be applicable. There's the rub, making a decision when the speaker isn't saying what you thought the words meant. It makes me wonder if there's a state requirement re membership fees that doesn't apply to rate guarantee fees?

I'm not alleging the nefarious. RGF just doesn't seem to be what the $29 charge is. Read it above & you decide. You'll be charged the fee bc it is charged 60 days from your...

What I hope is that this is the end of it on Feb 28, &, going with an attitude of everyone does the best that they can & maybe it applies here, I'll add a plus side: the first month was $0 at sign up & $21 paid for the cost of signing me up & cost of key card. Regrets: I wish I'd been wise. You be wise: Don't say yes to only sending the contract to your email; in fact, don't sign up until you've read the printed contract.

Don't be razzle-dazzled by thinking it's only month to month $15.It isn't.

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You won nothing. You signed the contract and you owe them $ for breaking the contract that you signed.

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