This place is small and crowded. From where you walk in you can see the whole gym.

You have to be careful not to trip over weights and other equipment. Management and employees are extremely rude. They run the good employees off and keep the crappy ones. Never mind complaining to them about any problems after you sign up.

Even if it is to help them or benefit the gym. They don't want to hear it. Out of soap, hand sanitizer or tp? They don't care.

They're often out of these things. All they want is your money. Just about like everywhere you go. You'd better clean the tanning beds before using them.

That is the only way they get cleaned. Well, if there are paper towels and cleaner. Often out of those supplies too. The owner wants to tell you how to work out when you can tell she is not in the best shape herself.

You can't tell she owns a gym by looking at her. She likes to interupt training sessions when you have paid for an hour with them not her. The management is more than happy to sign you up then they don't care about you after that. Water cooler is often out of bottled water.

This place isn't all that clean .

Just think, all of this for only $15.00 a month. Why go anywhere else?

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I had belonged to WOA for five years. They hired a "manager" who esssentially bullied everyone.

He always spent time on machines just sitting. He would stand over me as I did sit-ups threatening that it was his turn. When I asked him if he paid dues he said no. I said I did.

He told me he could not talk to him like that. I told him I just did. He called the police and I was escorted out; FROM A PODUNK GYM! These people are now unethical and corrupt.

STAY AWAY. There are many other better places to go.


Was in one night and where this girl and guy were working out near the squat assist machine there were two spots on the floor where they had spit. This is nasty.

Do people like you really have to go around spitting on the ground all the time? Go see a doctor if you have a spitting problem. People are always leaving thier empty water bottles lying around. They don't have any respect for the gym.

Did your mothers not teach you any better?

These are the type of people you get for fifteen dollars a month. Cheap.


dont forget the lawn chairs and float.Wasnt there a beach ball to?besides greting in clown costumes they could alos play that song send in the clowns.forget that the clowns are already there.


This place is a joke. They like to decorate the gym with crappy kid birthday stuff for the year anniversary of being open.

They decorate for all holidays and had a kiddie pool and beach towel where you come in the door. It looked like a Dollar Tree store. I guess that is for summer time. What ever happened to making a gym look like a gym?

Next, I'm expecting the employees to greet members in clown costumes.

This place is scary. Don't go in there.

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