I have been a member of 3 of the local Workout Anytime clubs on different occasions. I like the concept of being able to be able to exercise anytime. I had just recently begun to exercise again as I was having knee injections and was out for awhile. My first trip back, one of the staff started harassing me about my membership while I was on the elliptical machine with my iPod clearly plugged in wanting no interruption, almost treating me like a criminal because my membership would expire in a few weeks. Although I looked agitated about the interruption, he continued to try to hammer me during my workout. They've ignored me every time I went in there prior to this other than an occasional hello, but now they are on me like flies on honey trying to get me to renew. I did not appreciate their technique of trying to hammer me. This was a month ago and they still ring my phone constantly to this day.

They also play the most hideous music at high volume in the club. No one is listening to it because everyone has their iPods anyway. I liked to read while on the treadmill and couldn't concentrate with the blaring music. The music drowns out the volume level on my iPod. I had mentioned this nicely to the previous group at the front desk and the young girl behind the counter was very snippy.

Another thing I don't like about this location is that some of the customers hog the machines. I can do 6 or 7 machines while they are doing one. Most of the time, they aren't using the machines, they are sitting on them like they are Lazy Boys. Granted, some of them are in there to exercise, but most are sitting on the machines and playing on their smart phones. None of this is monitored. If they want members to renew or join, common courtesy should be used throughout the club.

As I said, I like the concept, but not the way it is executed at this location. Due to the way that they choose to do business, I will not be renewing my membership as I have joined a wonderful facility closer to home.

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