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Workout Anytime in Greensboro, NC has all of the potential amenities to be a great gym. They have the 24/7 access, a hydromassage, and tanning all for a great price but the atmosphere is a deal breaker.

I spent 1 month working out here before I quit and never went back. The staff is terribly rude and will barely say ONE word to you if you ask them a question. I asked one staff member how much the bar weighs at the bench station and the guy just gave me a mean face and continued to WALK AWAY FROM ME! I was stunned.

I have yet to see a smile on the staff's faces, they are all terribly rude, sarcastic and just plain mean. What makes this gym even worse is the other gym-goers. When you go into this gym be prepared to be STARED at constantly and constantly cleaning up other people's weights moving things out of your way that other gym goers just leave out. The staff does nothing to help out, they just sit behind their desk and point at gym goers judging and laughing.

After asking one guy if he was using a bench he yelled at me YEAH YA GOTTA PROBLEM WITH THAT? Again I was stunned because I am friendly as can be yet the people who go to this gym are ANGRY, pissed off, and MEAN. Maybe the staff wears off on them.

Terrible atmosphere, terrible people, terrible staff. Don't go here!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Go to the new Asheboro location. No one there is the way you described Greensboro.

My son and I look forward to my our visit.

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #847332

All they continue to do it charge my card after I thought I cancelled months ago. Complete rip off.

to lnunn #1157450

Repprt your card lost. Bank issues a new card and they can't withdrawal payments anymore.

Orlando, Florida, United States #835406

Judging by his complaint he is probably fat and rude and probably gets treated like that everywhere he goes because of his personality.


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