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The manager of this place is a *** when there is no reason to be. Employees are *** and rude.

Hand sanitizers are watered down. Tanning bed cleaner smells like listerine mouthwash. The owner is a wino and a whino and thinks mouthwash will cover her alcohol breath. She has to drink so she can seem people friendly when she obviously hates people.

Hey, gotta sign more members to keep the drinking money coming in. According to another source she ran over her foot with her own vehicle. No ***. She said she was going down the road and thought she had a flat when she hit a pothole.

She stopped and got out and didn't put the vehicle in park. The vehicle started rolling and she chased it down. In the process it went over her foot hurting it. Ahhhhh!

Poor baby. She goes through cleaning crews like a person who has OCD that washes their hands several times a day. This place is over crowded with equipment and *** members. The showers aren't private.

Who the *** wants to step out of a shower so anyone can see you? Sorry, I'm not an exhibitionist and I'm not a ***. I'm there to work out, not to parade around the women's locker room naked. When the place first opened they were constantly out of toilet paper and soap.

Why have a restroom at all? They have gotten somewhat better. They have toilet paper and soap now. The place could be cleaner and you better clean the tanning beds before using them.

They don't and there is no telling what you could be laying in. The floors in the tanning rooms are nasty too. I'm going someplace other than this three ring circus gym.

If you like an uppity country club atmosphere and attitude, minus the clean part, then this place is for you. If not I suggest you go to another gym.

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Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #919372

Stay away from the gym across from calhouns in knoxville tn the fat guy in the front desk who claims his the owners his not his rude to all of my friends that go there for that reason we all canceled our memberships there a bunch of cheap *** and never fix there equipment waste of money

West Point, Georgia, United States #654178

This is obviously an old review. The gym has new ownership/management now.

I've been working out there for over two years and it's awesome. Regarding the person griping about giving a 30 day notice, what are your other options?

EVERYBODY requires you give a notice to cancel, and most places have 1-2 year contracts. The only person that would complain about that is someone that doesn't workout.


The new owner of this place has made AMAZING CHANGES! The place is spottless clean.

He is really nice and friendly. Plently of cleaning and sanitizing product available to the members.

The music is not real loud. Great place to workout


Who goes in business and makes a slogan that says "NO CONTRACTS" yet when a customer goes to terminate their contract charges them a termination fee plus makes them pay for an extra month for not giving a 30 day notice? Workout Anytime does! the owners not even considerate of other people they even asked me why I haven't been to the gym in 3 months but still paid for my contract yet they still felt the need to charge me even further stating I was in breach of their contract for terminating for service early therefore subject to extra fees, again there are NO CONTRACTS so how the *** can I breach a non existent contract?

to Nick #654745

Uh....Nick seriously???? Not sure which gym you work out at but at mine they told me that when I joined and I signed.

30 day notice is a pretty good deal since every other gym you have to sign a 3 yr contract!!! You can use the gym for the last 30 days.

Not really anyones fault but yours that you haven't been to the gym in 3 months. Sounds like you need to get off the couch!


I know that club has new owners and is better than it used to be. I workout at the Bearden Workout Anytime and it is great, super clean and the staff is friendly.


To think negative comments would be on a site called pissed consumer is beyond me. I thought this site was happy consumer.

My bad. Could these negative comments in fact be the truth?


I am thinking by looking at these dates that these negative comments are all before the new, current owners bought the gym? Am I correct? I have met the 2 owners and enjoyed hearing about their ideas for the growth and potential in this market for additional locations...any thoughts?


This place is beyond being a funny farm. I could give the funny farm my money each month and come out with a better deal.


The owners here should not be in this buisness or any buisness. They don't have a clue how to run this gym.

They are so eager to sign people up and then they don't want anything to do with them.

They are so money hungry it is sad. You do get what you pay for and at the rate you pay here a month you can't expect a lot.


That lady that run this gym is crazy and always putting up balloons and crazy table spreads for partys. This place is like a funny farm.


This place seemed great when it first opened. As time went by it got worse.

hardly ever had soap in the bathroom to wash your hands or toilet paper. dirty undergarments left on top of lockers and showers.place was hot in summer even at night. doors left open to outside so anyone could come in, then nobody could get in. friends tried to tan but owner/manager only person with keys to rooms and she keeps being gone.

they have a hard time keeping employee's.

owner/manager would come over and bother people as they were workeing out or bother the trainers as they were working with a customer.a lot of teenagers coming in and hanging out after school was out for summer.I finally had enough and quit. it turned out cheaper is not always better.


Place is no good totally agree


This gym is $15.00 a month. Not bad.

When something sounds too good to be true it usually is. Something was wrong with the card system that opens the door. I couldn't get in sometimes too. There were members inside who saw me outside who moved out of view.

How nice. I let many people in when their card would not let them in. The gym is located in an area that the people think they are The Rockefellers when they can't come close to a piece of *** that comes out of a Rockefellers behind. Oh well whatever.

I cancelled my membership. Just wasn't my type of gym.


When I went to the gym after work which is past buisness hours, my card wouldn't let me in. There were other members outside that couldn't get in as well.

No one could. One said that he guessed this wasn't a place you could workout anytime. I said I guess not. The problem is fixed now but there were many times I couldn't get in.

It's *** to pay for something you can't use. There are other things I didn't like about this place so I went to another gym.I know what you are talking about with your complaints.

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